Here you can find the official publications and public deliverables from the Assets4Rail project.

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Presentation of the Project at the Scientific Seminar SIDT. 11-13 September 2019


Real-time monitoring and analyses of sensory data integrated into the BIM platform

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Visual Measurement System for Wheel–Rail Lateral Position Evaluation


Quantification of the influence of rolling stock failures on track deterioration


BIM based Intergrated road assets management


Infrastructure monitoring data handling with help of BIM

ASSETS4RAIL webinar Shift2rail innovation days 22-23/10 2020

Special equipment for round drainage pipes cleaning :”HIPPO 600″

WP 8 wheel rail lateral position

Project Deliverables

Workpackage Deliverable Title
WP1 D1.1 Report on the selected technologies for subsurface detection
WP1 D1.2 Report on a noise emission monitoring solution for steel railway bridges
WP1 D1.3 Report of the selected technologies for structural health monitoring
WP2 D2.1 Report on the available sensory types and corresponding data formats, with sample data sets
WP2 D2.2 Report regarding different data monitoring techniques and analyses, with sample datasets and analysis results
WP2 D2.3 BIM management software module with feature demonstration report
WP3 D3.1 Fatigue consumption software module
WP3 D3.2 Section-specific fatigue load models: method and application
WP3 D3.3 Improved fatigue consumption assessment through structural and on-board monitoring
WP3 D3.4 Fatigue consumption and remaining lifetime of structural components
WP4 D4.1 A review report on technologies and devices available for the intervention measures for railway bridges and tunnels
WP4 D4.2 Report on improved work approach for set up of bridge dampers
WP4 D4.3 Report on damper type construction, supporting information for (serial) application on further bridges, dampers in TRL5
WP4 D4.4 Report on technologies available for a non-interrupted maintenance of tunnels drainage pipes
WP4 D4.5 Report on the selection of a tunnel drainage cleaning system
WP5 D5.1 Report on pre-validation activities in simulated environment
WP5 D5.2 Report on the validation of the cleaning of tunnel drainage pipes regarding technical feasibility and operational feasibility
WP5 D5.3 Tunnel validation report
WP5 D5.4 Bridge validation report
WP6 D6.1 State-of-the-art study and requirement specifications for railway measuring and monitoring systems
WP7 D7.1 Design specifications and system architecture for train monitoring system
WP7 D7.2 Definition and prioritization of defects, models of impact
WP7 D7.3 RFID applications for train monitoring system
WP7 D7.4 Prototype for train monitoring system
WP8 D8.1 D8.1: Wheel-rail transversal position monitoring technologies
WP8 D8.2 Sensor system for measuring wheel-rail transversal position
WP9 D9.1 Design Specifications for the Target Signalling Systems
WP9 D9.2 Design Report and Associated Safety Requirements
WP9 D9.3 Data collection from digitalized and analog signalling systems
WP10 D10.1 Validation of Train Monitoring System
WP10 D10.2 Validation of Sensor System for Track Geometry Monitoring
WP10 D10.3 Validation of Data Collection for Diagnostics from Signalling Components
WP10 D10.4 Impact of Monitoring Systems on Support Asset Management Decisions
WP11 D11.1 Plan for Exploitation and Dissemination of Results (PEDR)
WP11 D11.2 Impact assessment
WP11 D11.3 Data Management Plan (DMP)
WP11 D11.4 Exploitation and Dissemination Report
WP12 D12.1 Project administrative toolset
WP12 D12.2 Project quality plan