Submissions closed

Tank you to the students willing to participate. We have gotten your applications and we will communicate the results on the 31.09.2020.

Any questions? please contact :

Link to presentation with the General rules

The Price

The winner will get: 

Diploma recognition signed by the ASSETS4RAIL Board;

Invitation with travel subsidies to present its innovative proposal on an international stage in the ASSETS4RAIL Consortium meeting, held in Ljubljana (Slovenia) later this year, 2020; (Due to the Corona pandemic situation the meeting has been postponed)

Economic award of 500 Euro

Communication of the results wil be on the  30/09/2020.

Link to presentation with a General overview of the project


– Choose one from these Research Topics to address:

Workstream 1
  • Improving inspection, maintenance and upgrade methods for cost reduction and quality improvement of railway bridges and tunnels, including noise and vibrations
  • Optimization (costs & technical) of UAV & noise monitoring systems
  • Presentation of sensor data in BIM
  • Fatigue assessment of steel bridges
  • Technical limitations for cleaning of long drainage pipes
  • Noise dampers

Link to a general overview of the project and it’s Workstreams

Workstream 2
  • Building a common measuring and monitoring system to elaborate and correlate data from all sources and to obtain a holistic view of systems conditions
  • Computer vision based wayside train monitoring system
  • Sensor system for measuring transversal displacement of the wheel on the rail
  • Monitoring system for switch and crossing
  • Integration of heterogeneous monitoring systems in the maintenance management

Link to a general overview of the project and it’s Workstreams


Send us your participation before the 30.04.2020

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